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Little Match Girl Passion

Dec. 13, 2020 at 6:45 p.m. MST

Pro Coro's annual winter performance of David Lang's Pulitzer Prize-winning work "The Little Match Girl Passion"

The performance will start at 7pm MST, with an introduction to the work by Artistic Director Michael Zaugg beginning at 6:45pm.

Pro Coro Canada has received an exemption from our local health authorities and will be proceeding with this performance following the current COVID-19 protocols. As such, our concert will be divided into three sections allowing for 5 minute breaks in between performances. During the breaks, please enjoy watching local visual artist and Pro Coro singer Jane Berry as she paints an original work of art based on the performance of The Little Match Girl.

1. Come daughter, help me cry (opening chorus)
2. It was terribly cold and nearly dark
3. Dearest heart, what did you do that was so wrong? (chorale)
4. In an old apron she carried a number of matches
5. Penance and remorse, tear my sinful heart in two (chorale)
6. Lights were shining from every window
7. Patience (spoken)


8. Ah! Perhaps a burning match might be some good
9. Have mercy, my God (Peter, after rejecting Jesus)
10. She lighted another match
11. From the sixth hour there was darkness
‘Eli, Eli, lama asabthani - my God, why has thou forsaken me’
12. She again rubbed a match on the wall
13. When it is time for me to go (chorale)


14. In the dawn of the morning there lay a poor little girl
15. We sit and cry - rest soft (final chorus)