Laura Hawley: Droplets

Sep. 15, 2020 at 4:08 p.m. MDT

Composed by laura hawley, August 2020, for Pro Coro Canada

Practice Tracks:
Soprano | Alto | Tenor | Bass


From A Corona Sequence – by Jeni Couzyn

When you pass, dip your head.
This is the adab of breath.

I breathe in, I breathe you in.
I breathe out, you breathe me in.
Everything we are, have ever been.
We have no choice,
can’t stop breathing.

Droplets – seed banks of time
droplets so fine
mist so ephemeral only mystics
could see it, each breath seeded with
a snowdrop death.

I breathe you in – treading
the congregation of water –
each ancient life,
sea-ocean, sky-ocean, land-ocean
we swim in, that swims in us.

We breathe in stars
of our ancestors
their loves, their hurts.
We are what we breathe.
Take care my love, how you breathe.

You breathe me in.
The mist binds us as the pricking spring
molecules green the spaces of the forest
branches that scribble sky
light that flows taproot to taproot.

It’s a dawning – like a nuclear cloud
there’s no escaping
beast, grain, droplet
in a snaking mist –
we’re none but one creature.